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PickHoops (formerly Pick 65) is a very small group of dedicated computer geeks who enjoy web programming, interesting problems to solve, and basketball prognostication. This product began about 10 years ago for our own amusement, and slowly evolved into the masterpiece you see before you.

If you were looking for substantive information, you'll want to read our press packet or contact us. Otherwise, waste some time reading about our "staff".

PickHoops "Staff"

Doug Appleyard is a graduate of North Carolina State University and a two-time NCAA office pool champion. He fully expects his mouse and keyboard to one day be enshrined in the NCAA Office Pool Hall of Fame. When not contributing to tournament contests, he writes software for a major telecommunications equipment manufacturer and spends time with his family in North Carolina.

Chris Hehman is the President and Benevolent Dictator of PickHoops. Chris is more than a little psyched that his Virginia Tech Hokies have somehow managed to get into the ACC. When not managing PickHoops, or getting some sleep immediately after, Chris collects video and pinball machines and allows them to decay in his house.

Randy Rowell is the author of PickHoops's excessively cool Risk Analysis and Quick Pick. Randy's rare combination of historical tournament knowledge and advanced statistical insight is superior to that of small children. When not pulling for his NC State Wolfpack, Randy enjoys playing chess and soccer, with similar levels of physical activity.

Jim Thomas is a former office pool champion, the Self-Appointed Occasional Marketing Director of PickHoops, and was transitively responsible for its creation. It was Jim's suggestion for Chris to create a web-based system to track our own bracket contest in 1996, when most people had not even heard of the Internet. Whether this was a brilliant epiphany recognizing the limitless possibilities of the emerging global network, or a way to transfer tedious work to other people, is left as an exercise to the reader. Oh, and his Virginia Wahoos suck.

Randy Williams is not a member of the PickHoops "Staff", and should not be listed here.

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