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Intended Use

PickHoops pages are to be used for entertainment purposes only. PickHoops does not endorse or condone gambling, legal or otherwise.


You agree to indemnify us against any and all damages resulting from use of PickHoops.

Adult and Gambling content

Adult oriented and gambling oriented sites and businesses are not permitted to use PickHoops for any purpose.

Termination Policy

PickHoops reserves the right to terminate a user's privileges for any reason. The following activities can result in a user's termination: abusive or obscene language or actions, "cracking", attempting to gain unauthorized access, impersonating another user, misrepresenting personal information, general mischief, or any other reason at our discretion.

Bulletin Board Policy

PickHoops "Trash Talk" boards can be a lot of fun, if used with common sense. That is to say,

PickHoops reserves the right, but is not required, to view all content on bulletin boards in the course of normal operations.

Our bulletin boards are not intended as a real time chat system. Users who exceed 10 posts in a day may be kicked off. Get an Instant Messenger if you need to chat in real time, it will do the job much much better.

By agreeing that you have read this notice, you acknowledge and agree that any posts made express the views or opinions of the respective author and not those of the administrators, moderators, webmasters (except for posts by those people), nor of PickHoops. Hence, PickHoops, LLC and its administrators, moderators, and webmasters will not be held liable.

Privacy Policy

PickHoops will never divulge your personal information to a 3rd party except where required by law or to cooperate with law enforcement. If ownership of PickHoops changes, this agreement will continue to apply to any transfered information.

Your credit card and payment information is kept secure. We use Paypal for payment collection, which uses advanced technology for security. We don't have access to financial information you give to Paypal at any time, only a confirmation of payment received.

PickHoops does not send unsolicited advertisements or "spam" to your email address. We only send email to confirm important actions on our site (like purchasing a group), to respond to emails you send us, changes to this policy, if you specifically request that we contact you, and in a few other rare circumstances.

Any changes to this policy will require notification to members with an opt-out period.


PickHoops generally cannot give refunds after the end of the 2nd round of the tournament. By that time, you should have a clear idea of what you've purchased, and we've done a lot of heavy lifting in terms of bandwidth, data, and server use.

Refunds of prizes purchased through PickHoops simply can't happen once you give us your shipping information. Refunds of prizes purchased through Cafe Press need to be taken up with Cafe Press; we cannot handle them.

We can't "downgrade" your account and refund the difference if you sign up to handle more entries than are actually used. We have to make our bandwidth and storage allowances based on how much you say you need before the tournament begins.


PickHoops requires the use of session cookies to handle user login. Session cookies must be enabled in your browser to register and use PickHoops. Persistent cookies are not required, but if enabled they can be used to keep you logged in even after closing your browser. PickHoops does not use cookies to track user activity on sites not owned by PickHoops.

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